Liquid Rubber Spray Grade

Liquid Rubber Spray Grade


Liquid Rubber Spray Grade coating fits perfectly for waterproofing and protecting surfaces or constructions that are exposed to UV

The Liquid Rubber Spray Grade, is just like the BelowGrade and MineCoat, a two-component spray applied system and is applied with a spray system that is specially made by Liquid Rubber. The Liquid coatings are cold applied and contain no VOC’s or other toxic compounds. This ensures that the coatings are fully safe for environment and people.

After the application the product cures to hand-dry membrane within seconds. The curing process also starts immediately. This allows the product to be applied in the right layer thickness in one action. Liquid Rubber Spray Grade can be used in new situations but also as a renovation product. Liquid Rubber Spray Grade is highly flexible (900%) and is fully adhering to for instance bitumen, EPDM, wood, metal, concrete, PVC and many insulation material. Because the product is fully adhering to the surface, there is never the possibility that water will transport underneath the Liquid Rubber membrane.

Liquid Rubber Spray Grade is a quick and easy applied stand-alone coating that can be used as a waterproofing topcoat to protect all kind of constructions.

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    • Waterproof, vaportight, airtight and gastight

    • High elasticity (up to 1200%)

    • UV- and acid-resistant

    • Resistant against large temperature fluctuations (-40 °C to +160 °C)

    • Strong, seamless and fully adherent to the surface

    • Effective for waterproofing and protection against corrosion

    • Sustainable

    • Water based

    Brown to black
    Specific gravity (liquid) g/cm3:
    Approx. 1.0
    Volatile Organic Compound:
    Contains no solvents
    Viscosity, SSF @ 25ºC, seconds:
    PERFORMANCE DATA (Cured membrane):
    Specific gravity, g/cm3:
    Approx. 1.0
    Chemical resistance ASTM G 20:
    Resistant to most inorganic solutions. Not recommended for gasoline or other petroleum products. Consult Chemical Resistance chart for further information
    Water tightness after impact:
    Passed (no leakage)
    Water tightness CGSB 37-GP-56:
    Zero leakage
    Tensile strength ASTM 0412, psi:
    Elongation %:
    Puncture resistance CGSB 37-GP-56, 24 hr @ 29N, -5oC:
    Passed (No perforations)
    Full Information:
    Check out the full datasheet available in the Downloads section!

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