KEMPEROL® 1K-SF Liquid Waterproofing

KEMPEROL® 1K-SF Liquid Waterproofing


The new waterproofing system: solvent-free and single-component

The single-component waterproofing system is based on a silane-terminated polyurethane polymer and is rainproof after just 2 hours. KEMPEROL® 1K-SF is equally suitable for all architectural details such as surface waterproofing on flat roofs, balconies or patios, etc. Its surprisingly simple handling ensures
KEMPEROL® 1K-SF is particularly effective and efficient on smaller surfaces.

Great in junction areas: The solvent-free, directly applied KEMPEROL® 1K-SF is the ideal solution for all combination solutions, i.e. surfaces where KEMPEROL® is combined with other materials to provide the perfect finish. In general, the higher the complexity of the substrate geometry, the greater the time and cost for waterproofing architectural details.

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    • Solvent free and virtually odourless

    • High humidity tolerance

    • Cost effective

    • Rain-proof in only 120 minutes after application

    • No mixing. Stir and use straight from the can

    • Less waste

    • No fire risk

    • Durable - UV resistant

    Standard colour::
    Working time::
    Approx. 90 minutes
    Rain resistant after::
    approx. 120 minutes
    Ready for foot traffic after::
    approx. 16 hours*
    Full Information:
    Check out the full datasheet available in the Downloads section!

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