Correx® Corriboard Protection Sheet

Correx® Corriboard Protection Sheet


A lightweight and easy to cut protection sheet

Over the last 30 years Correx® has replaced traditional materials like plywood and hardboard/masonite. Manufactured as an extruded polypropylene sheet, Correx® is the original fluted protection board used on building and refurbishment contracts. The fluted construction provides strength and minimises weight.

Correx® is extruded from flame retardant polypropylene into a wide range of weights, grades and custom sizes of fluted board. It provides an extremely versatile form of protection offering light through to heavy duty compression and impact resistance for floors, walls, doors and horizontal surfaces. Correx® is light, clean, easy to work with and can be re-used, giving a cost effective alternative to traditional wood products.

Used to protect doors, walls, stairs, floors, partitions, windows, bathrooms, columns, etc.

Correx can also be used to promote your Company with personalised printing.

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    • Easily cut, curved or creased

    • Lightweight, and quick to position

    • Tough, durable and impact resistant

    • Non toxic and resistant to chemicals

    • Waterproof

    • Easy to handle and store on site

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