Why Choose Exterior Stone Cladding?

People who are building their home want it to look distinctive but not outlandish. They want their residence to reflect their taste and character without exceeding their budget. Building your own home on a parcel of land in the countryside is a dream come true for many. It is a chance to make a statement and to create a living space that is exactly right for them. Exterior stone cladding ticks those boxes and more.

Exterior stone cladding gives a home a special character. It can look rustic or modern. The landscaping can be designed to enhance it. Patios and decks can be built in materials that complement it for a stylish outdoor living space with its own mood and feel. The warm tones and natural look of Stegu California Desert tiles, for example, blend well with a composite wood deck. The grey tones of Stegu Mexicana cladding complement a paved patio, and they also offer good insulation. Cobble lock driveways, stone walls and gravel paths can all coordinate with exterior wall cladding the make an outstanding visual impression on visitors. These are the details that bring a house from nice to stunning.

Practical Benefits of Exterior Stone Cladding for Homes

While the visuals are fantastic, cladding also offers more practical advantages to home builders. For a few different reasons, this option will save homeowners money in the long term.

interior and exterior stone cladding add character to any houseStegu exterior cladding solutionsstegu cladding works in both interior and exterior walls


Stone cladding shortens the building time. Because it is less affected by weather and faster to install than a stone finish, work goes faster. That saves on labour costs. It also means that the homeowners can get into their new home faster, which saves on the cost of living elsewhere during the build.


Stegu stone cladding is low to no maintenance. Homeowners don’t have to worry about painting it every few years or doing anything difficult to clean it. Not only does it mean they save time in the future, it means they can look forward to more time enjoying their beautiful home and its outdoor living space. Everyone from time-strapped commuters to busy parents to retirees looking to simplify their lives can appreciate that.


More and more people are demanding environmentally friendly housing solutions. Using stone cladding for exteriors means they can get that charming stone look without using large volumes of quarried rocks. That is a powerful selling point today.


Stegu makes a range of exterior and interior cladding. The style of the home’s exterior can be carried into and throughout the house for a holistic look. The same cladding can be used outside and on focal points inside such as fireplaces, entries, kitchens and conservatories.


Some people want exterior stone cladding because they don’t want to deal with painting or complicated cleaning. Others simply fall in love with a particular look, such as Stegu Grenada Frost for their dream home. With so many types of exterior cladding on the market, there is something for every taste.



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