RESITRIX SK W for Living Roofs of Any Kind

Fully Self-adhesive and Root Resistant for Living Roofs of Any Kind

RESITRIX® SK W Full Bond is a heat weldable and glass- reinforced, composite rubber membrane with an EPDM core. The underside is fully coated with self-adhesive polymer modified bitumen, with a release film.

RESITRIX® SK W Full Bond is root resistant according to DIN EN 13948 and carries FLL-Test certificate. Thus RESITRIX® SK W Full Bond can be installed in a variety of applications, either fully exposed, for fully bonded systems or beneath ROOF GARDENS (intensive, extensive or biodiverse greenery) and living roof systems of any kind and to create “living on the roof” areas.

The top side of the sheet is the EPDM waterproofing layer with the special integral bonding course. It has a textured, non-slip surface, which is extremely elastic as well as highly resistant to UV. This is why EPDM is particularly well-suited as an exposed roofing material. A glassfibre reinforcement makes the material even more stable and prevents the possibility of shrinkage.

The underside of the membrane is the polymer-modified bitumen. Bitumen is particularly easy to warm and so makes seam welding simple – and without using a naked flame. On the underside of the sheet is a removable release film, which is important for the self-adhesive RESITRIX® SK W Full Bond, preventing the membranes from adhering to the substrate before the roofer is ready.


  • Life expectancy of many decades
  • Secure installation – fully self-adhesive system
  • Fully elastic and highly flexible down to – 40°C
  • No Shattering- Effect
  • Adhesion-enabling top surface, glass scrim inlay
  • 100% frost and rot proof
  • Resistant to microorganisms
  • Resistant to the effects of ozone, UV and infrared radiation without additional surface protection
  • Resistant to a wide range of environmental chemicals and atmospheric emissions
  • Compatible with bitumen

  • Contains no chlorine or plasticisers 
  • Highly slip resistant even when wet
  • Withstands foot trafficking
  • No shrinkage throughout the entire service life
  • Recyclable
  • CE certification according to ETA-06/0174and DIN EN 13967
  • BBA certificate No 06/4329
  • Carries FLL root-safe certification to EN 13948 (Root resistance according to FLL Procedure; FG/FU Weihenstephan Test Institute of Gardening and Horticulture)

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