1. Down to what ambient temperature can the RESITRIX® membranes be welded?

The RESITRIX® waterproofing membranes can be welded with complete confidence down to an ambient temperature of -10°C.

2. Is it possible to install RESITRIX® membranes as single-layer application on all substrates?

RESITRIX® waterproofing membranes are always applied quickly, safely and easily as a single layer, on all substrates such as insulations and all waterproofing materials except PVC.

3. Is it a must always to adhere strictly to certain welding parameters i.e. a certain temperature window?

No, the temperature window when welding RESITRIX® waterproofing membranes is very wide and ranges between 500°C and the maximum level of the individual hot-air device.

4. How wide must the overlap be when welding the self-adhesive RESITRIX® waterproofing membranes?

The overlap must be at least 4cm.

5. How wide must the overlap be when welding RESITRIX® MB and / or RESITRIX® CL?

The overlap must be at least 8cm.

6. Must RESITRIX® Waterproofing Membranes be installed with an open flame?

No never, the RESITRIX® waterproofing membranes are always securely welded and installed exclusively with hot-air.

7. Which RESITRIX® wateproofing membrane is resistant to roots?

The RESITRIX® SK W Full Bond is root resistant in accordance with FLL procedure and DIN EN 13948.

8. Is seam closing as elaborate and time-consuming as with normal other EPDM products?

No not at all, RESITRIX® waterproofing membranes have a polymer modified bitumen coating on the underside and therefore can be easily welded together with hot-air, without any extra adhesives or abrasive treatment, etc.

9. Are there pre-fabricated internal and external corner parts available?

The versatile nature of the RESITRIX® waterproofing membranes allows detailed flashings to be cut into the required shape, with a pair of sharp scissors. For particularly demanding roofs with a lot of repetitious detailing, we produce a range of ready-cut flashing components made from RESITRIX® SK W Full Bond. The shaped pieces comprise a circle with a rounded cut-out notch, a full circle and an oval tongue.

10. For how long can RESITRIX® waterproofing membranes be stored?

The self-adhesive RESITRIX® – versions can be stored max. 12 months. RESITRIX® MB and RESITRIX® CL max. 24 months.

11. Are RESITRIX® waterproofing membranes available in different colours?

Yes, RESITRIX® SR is the self-adhesive waterproofing membrane with a stone-grey surface colour and thus provides not only reflective properties, but also new possibilities for the individual design of flat roofs.

12. How long must the primer FG 35 flash off?

Depending on weather conditions, the surface primer FG 35 needs to evaporate for at least 30 minutes.

13. Can the primer FG 35 be used on polystyrene foam board?

No, the FG 35 primer contains solvent and thus cannot be used on unfaced polystyrene foam board. For adhering to polystyrene panels we recommend RESITRIX® CL bonded with our polyurethane adhesive PU-LMF-02.

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