Building Better Homes with Green Roof Systems

More and more people are aware that reduce, reuse and recycle isn’t enough.  People want to do more to reduce their impact on the environment, and they want to do something positive rather than simply deprive themselves.  Green homes have enormous appeal for people who want to live an eco-friendly life.  The benefits go beyond environmental; these homes also reduce costs, particularly the cost of heating.  And that is a big draw for families.  

Building a green home involves many different components from the orientation of the building to use direct sun to light and heat the dwelling to green roof systems.  Because heat rises, the roof is a vital tool to reduce heat loss, and consequently reduce heating bills over the long term.  Savvy home builders realize that investing more now to minimize heat loss through the roof will pay for itself in time.

What Are Green Roof Systems?

A green roof goes well beyond simply retaining heat well.  Unlike other forms of roofing, these roofs are covered with vegetation.  This requires layers to support the growing surface while bearing the weight and preventing any egress of soil or water.  It is an extremely sophisticated system with an earthy, simple look.

The heat retention and consequent savings in energy are only the start of the benefits of green roof systems.  Much of green building seeks to limit the carbon being released, but these eco-friendly roofs go a step further.  The vegetation releases oxygen, actively improving air quality.  Some customers will see this as a way to offset their carbon footprint.  They might need to drive to work, but their roof is cleaning up the air damaged by the car’s exhaust.

But green roofing systems are not just for isolated country homes.  They offer further benefits to city dwellers.  City life is loud.  Green roofs offer great sound insulation.  So they not only improve urban air quality, they protect householders from the sounds of traffic, neighbours and other city noise.

New builds are an obvious market for eco-friendly building strategies, but green roofing systems can be installed on existing homes.  This requires some expertise to devise the proper tactics for weight-bearing, but homeowners faced with replacing a roof on an older home are another market for eco-roofs.

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