Liquid Rubber | Roofing Division

Waterproofing roofs can be a difficult job. Liquid Rubber HBS200 and the Liquid Rubber SprayGrade are ideal products for many roof sealants.

These products can be applied on many existing roofing products like bitumen, EPDM (pre-treatment), APP, PVC and many more. This way, old existing roofs can easily be renovated without having to remove the old roofing.

The HBS200 can easily be applied with a brush or roller to seal all kind of roof-details like: pipes, outlets, drains, up-stands, roof windows and so on.

Liquid Rubber SprayGrade can also be applied as a waterproofing layer on insulation panels like PIR, EPS, XPS. Liquid Rubber can be applied directly on top to ensure a seamless and durable waterproofing layer.

Liquid Rubber is also the perfect product to waterproof gutters. It adheres perfectly to zinc and lead. Because of the adhesion and high flexibility the product can be applied on new gutters but also on old gutters.

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