Laydex Statement Regarding the Current Situation

Ireland, like the rest of the world, is coping under the weight of the COVID-19 Pandemic. Most businesses in Ireland have temporarily closed under Government Restriction Guidelines in order to assist in eliminating the spread of this Pandemic.

In all walks of life, there are going to be exceptional circumstances where Companies must have a contingency plan in place to deal with a Crisis Management Situation. No one saw this coming, so, how do we respond in a positive manner? We look internally at our strengths, how can we diversify? and how do we support our network of Architects, Contractors and Clients?

Laydex has been no different, from the outset, Clients and Contractors have had to change their work practices, some have been requested to offer their services in different roles, however, many in the Irish Construction Industry have responded in a very positive manner to provide assistance to essential projects, hospitals, such as Holles Street, special care and Residential Homes, also engaged in a roofing project to assist in temporary hospital accommodation facilities that required urgent work to bring them to a standard sufficient to deal with this crisis, but very much within the “Lockdown” guidelines. Laydex were asked to assist in the supply of specific materials, could we do it? To Borrow a famous phrase “Is Feidir Linn”, YES WE CAN?

How?, firstly, we closed our premises and set up all our administration and sales staff working remotely, equipped with the necessary tools to maintain day to day operations. We put safe procedures and very specific guidelines in place for Contractors so we could maintain the supply chain to these Essential Services Contracts, while maintaining social distancing guidelines at all times.

We engaged in positive Digital Marketing Campaigns, showed a strong ability to respond in a crisis while maintaining those relationships with our valued customers. Laydex Roofing Division engaged in a very successful Webinar on good roofing practices which enabled Laydex to maintain contact with our valued Architects, Contractors and Clients.

This is a very challenging time for us all, our families, colleagues and friends, but any bit that Laydex has been able to do to play its part in assisting those particularly in the front line, then, as a Company, we are very proud to have played our part. We are supporting each other in this community effort within the Construction Industry for one common goal.


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