Details that Make a House a Home

Builders think in terms of the big picture when they are constructing a house.  Does it have the right passive fire protection?  Is the pitch of the roof optimum?  What about the insulation?

While homeowners worry about those things when they build or buy a new house, they also notice the details.  And the devil, as they say, is in the details.  Cabinets, doors and floors do a lot to create the atmosphere of a home.  Other details such as window treatments and furniture do too, but those are entirely in the homeowner’s remit, not the builders.  If you are a builder looking to wow clients or a homeowner looking for a few simple ideas to make your home homier, here are some easy home improvements to consider.


Vinyl Floor

For a while, everyone was mad about ceramic tile and wood laminate flooring, but good old vinyl flooring is making a comeback.  It’s versatile with colours and patterns to suit any décor.  Yes, you can use vinyl tiles to give a room a retro look, but you can also find classic and contemporary designs.  A vinyl floor is also durable, able to withstand high traffic, pets and spills better than other options, and easy to clean.  Anyone looking to spruce up an older house or finish a new home on a budget will appreciate that installing a vinyl floor is an affordable way to make a dramatic improvement to a kitchen, bathroom or hallway.  This is a great option for family homes.


Design Floors Imperial Stone Look Perlato Stone Residential project
Design Floors Imperial Stone
Design Floors Imperial Wood Fruitwood with wooden look installed in Living Room
Design Floors Imperial Wood
Design Floors type Metropolitan Major Oak with wooden look
Design Floors Metropolitan


Doors and Door Handles

Doors are so functional, it is easy to overlook the impact they have on the look and feel of a home.  We don’t always notice doors unless they are exceptionally beautiful … or exceptionally cheap!  A high-quality door improves the sound and heat insulation of a room as well as adding to the décor.  But what really makes it is the door handle.  For quality, a Fortessa door handle cannot be beat.  It feels solid and moves securely without rattling or sticking.  It’s a detail, but if you install a good quality one, such a Fortessa door handle, it’s one of the small things that add up to a comfortable room.  The door and handle can also contribute to the look of a room, and you can find handles in a range of different shapes, styles and finishes.  With so many options, it is not hard to find the right Fortessa door handle to give a room just the perfect touch.


fortessa wave
fortessa verto
fortessa swish

Switch and Socket Plates

No one spends much time looking at them, but cheap electric socket and light switch plates detract from the look of any room.  The low-end plastic ones can chip easily, and that looks terrible.  Good quality plates, whether plain or ornate, add a subtle elegance to the home.  A wood or metal finish can match other features such as curtain rails and lighting fixtures, making the style of the room feel complete and whole.  Or you can go with something very plain and use the same style throughout the house.  Switch and socket plates are not a feature that is going to wow anyone, but like the other small details, they make an important contribution to the overall appearance of the home.

The finishing touches matter, whether they are larger things like a linoleum floor or a solid oak door or a smaller detail such as just the right Fortessa door handle or light switch plate.  These little things add up to the overall look and feel of a home.  Whether you are preparing a show house, doing up an older home or finishing a new build, paying attention to these details makes a subtle but certain difference.


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