Is That Airtight Attic Enough?


Everyone knows proper insulation is important.  While old houses are notorious for leaking heat in winter, not all newer homes have adequate insulation in the walls and attics.  But even in houses that are mostly well-insulated, there is often a trouble spot.  Often, one particular spot gets overlooked.  That is the loft ladder or attic stair entry.  

Even with premium insulation and an attic floor, that one spot can still let the warm air of the house escape into the attic, lowering the temperature of the home.  Many homes still have the most basic entrance to the attic: a panel that can be pushed up into the attic to allow entry with an ordinary ladder.  But these panels also allow air to travel between the house and the attic, making it harder to keep the house comfortable.

Choosing the Right Loft Ladder or Attic Stair

Installing a loft ladder or attic stair is an opportunity to fix this problem and improve the home’s insulation.  The key is to pick the best product.  Safety and ease of use are paramount, so first make sure the loft ladder or attic stair is well-made and able to take the weight of larger people.  Safety rails are an important safety feature.

But how do you ensure the entry to the attic is insulated adequately?  While many DIY enthusiasts think the solution is to add ordinary insulation, that is not ideal.  A much better approach is to choose a loft ladder with integral insulation.  The Minka Polar Extreme Airtight Loft Ladder is a great example of the standard required to keep a home warm while allowing easy access to the attic.  It offers a hatch with 87 mm of insulation and a seamless seal, with no joints that could allow air to pass.  (It also features a two-point to ensure it doesn’t fall open.)

Having an airtight attic is a great start to having a warmer, fuel-efficient home.  But to make a real difference, the house also needs a well-insulated attic stair.  The right loft ladder does much more than given homeowners easy and safe access to their attic storage.  It saves fuel, which means it saves money, and keeps their home warmer in winter.  That combination of benefits make a loft ladder a compelling home improvement.

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