9 People Who Love Artificial Grass – The Benefits Of Artificial Grass

 Artificial grass is growing in popularity, and that is largely because today’s options look infinitely better than what was available a generation ago.

Early artificial grass did look fake. It didn’t feel nice under bare feet either. One of the problems was that the entire surface was the exact same shade of green, and that does not occur in nature. Today’s artificial grasses blend two or more shades of green for a natural look. It comes in different lengths too.

More and more people are choosing artificial over natural grass for a wide range of reasons. Who are they, and what are their reasons? Ireland is known for our picturesque green fields. That’s great on postcards, but if you have an actual lawn, you know how mucky and wet it is in real life. An artificial lawn solves that problem, but there are many more reasons people love them. Here’s nine people who love artificial grass.

breeze artificial grass benefits easy installation is a huge benefit of artificial grass artificial grass can be used on balconies

1.      People with mobility issues

No mowing is the most obvious benefit of artificial grass. Anyone who finds lawn care physically difficult or impossible can appreciate the joys of a lush, green lawn without worrying about the on-going cost of hiring someone to maintain it.

2.      Families with children

Children are hard on lawns. With natural grass, parents have to choose between a beautiful lawn or a garden where children can kick a ball, wrestle and run around, or they have to divide the garden into separate space and police it relentlessly. But with artificial grass, every bit of the lawn will stay green and lovely – even under the swings, at the bottom of the slide and between the goal posts.

3.      Dog owners

dog owner - artificial grass

Dogs, like kids, can wreck your lawn. And they are even less likely to wipe their feet before coming in the house. If you are sick of your dog tracking mud into the house, an artificial lawn can solve that problem. Dogs are also less likely to want to dig.

4.      Apartment owners

You can’t plant grass on your balcony, but you can put in artificial to give your balcony a green look. Add some planters full of flowers for your own mini-garden that requires only a mini-effort.

5.      Golf fanatics

Ever think it would be great to have your own putting green right outside the back door? One of the benefits of artificial grass is that you can live that dream, and you don’t have to pay for a membership.

6.      Frequent fliers

If work compels you to travel or if you take long or frequent holidays, the garden tends to get out of control very quickly while you are away. Not only is it more work when you return, it also signals to others that your house is empty. An artificial lawn will be perfect when you return, ready for you to relax and enjoy your garden with zero work to tame it.

7.      Landlords

An unkempt lawn can be a real source of conflict between landlords and tenants. You could put very specific requirements into the rental contract and then check the house regularly, or you could avoid the whole issue by installing artificial grass.

8.      Perfectionists

Some of us just can’t relax when there are undone chores.  And Ireland’s rainy climate means it is hard to get out and mow regularly. If looking at the overgrown lawn on a rainy day is getting you down, an artificial lawn is the answer.

 9.      Surrealists

While today’s artificial grass looks very natural on the ground, you can still have some fun with it. You don’t have to limit yourself to putting it on the ground. Let it ‘grow’ up the side of a building or a wall. Put it inside or on a balcony. Express your quirky, creative side without Mother Nature’s limitations.


Some of the benefits of artificial grass are environmental. That sounds odd at first, but lawns are actually not great for the earth. They require a lot of watering when it is dry, and people use a lot of chemicals to keep them looking pristine and perfect. An artificial lawn doesn’t need water, weed-killer or fertilizer. And you won’t be using electricity or petrol to mow it.

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