Design Floors IMPERIAL Stone

Design Floors IMPERIAL Stone


A Brilliant Stone Decor Floor

The latest click-vinyl technology bears the name Imperial.
Imperial is 100% moisture resistant. It is made of 8 different layers.

Imperial Click

Click flooring is specially designed for even quicker and easier installation. Each piece simply locks directly into place, giving the same stunning aesthetic qualities as a traditional installation, but faster and without the need for adhesive. Click flooring ensures a solid installation through an enhanced vertical locking system, outperforming other products  n the market.

Imperial Dryback

Dryback flooring has to be glued completely onto a solid and smooth subfloor. A suitable PVC adhesive therefore has to be used.

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  • Moisture Resistant

  • Soundproof

  • Hygienic

  • Superguard

  • No marks and spots

  • Minimal Residual Indentation

Total thickness: Dryback | Click:
EN ISO 24346 2,5 mm (100 mils) | EN ISO 24346 4,5 mm (180 mils)
Total weight g/m²: Dryback | Click:
EN ISO 23997 4.059 | EN ISO 23997 7.681
Scratch resistance:
EN 660-2 Class T
Slip resistance:
EN 13893 DS
Dimensional stability:
EN ISO 23999 Norm: ≤ 0,25 % Average result measured: ≤ 0,05 %
Thermal resistance R: Dryback | Click:
EN ISO 12664 0,01 m².K/W | EN ISO 12664 0,0159 m².K/W
Acoustic insulation:
EN 140-8 4 dB
Full Information:
Check out the full datasheet available in the Downloads section!

Ultimo Stone Look Decor Floor colour samples

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