Tarkett Veneto Sicuro xf²™ – R10

Tarkett Veneto Sicuro xf²™ – R10


Slip resistant rating: combines the need for a secure grip with the ease of cleaning of xf². Ideal for building entrances. Available in rolls and cuts for raised floors.

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    Veneto Sicuro xf²™ - R10
    10 Year Guarantee
    Now, Tarkett is introducing xf™2 - its second generation surface treatment - increasing resistance for even longer durability and reducing maintenance for a highly cost-effective flooring. Micro-reinforced polyurethane UV treatment that seals and hardens the surface to make it more resistant to dirt and daily wear and tear. A smooth matt appearance that prevents accumulation of dirt or stains. No need for polish, stripping and polymer waxing over the lifetime of the surface.
    • Environmentally-friendly ingredients, naturally bactericidal

    • Naturally phthalate-free for a good indoor quality and low emission levels

    • Single homogeneous construction giving greater resistance to wear and durability over time

    • No added flame retardant

    Light fastness level:
    Reaction to fire:
    Slip resistance:
    Electrical behaviour, Body voltage:
    < 2 kV
    Total thickness:
    2.5 mm
    Total weight:
    3 kg/m²
    Residual indentation:
    0.08 mm
    Full Information:
    Check out the full datasheet available in the Downloads section!

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