Kingspan TR24

Kingspan TR24


Kingspan thermaroof TR24 is a high performance rigid thermoset insulation core recommended for flat roofs waterproofed with partially bonded torch applied multi–layer bituminous waterproofing.


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    Green Guide
    Kingspan Thermaroof ® TR24 correspond(s) to the BRE Global Green Guide online generic specification `Rigid urethane (pentane blown) - density 32 kg/m³' (ref. 815320017) which achieves a 2008 Green Guide Summary Rating of A.
    • Manufactured with a blowing agent that has zero ODP and low GWP

    • Non–deleterious material

    • Ideal for new build and refurbishment

    • Easy to handle and install

    • High performance rigid thermoset insulation – thermal conductivity 0.024 – 0.026 W/m·K

    • Compatible with majority of torch applied waterproofing systems

    • Resistant to the passage of water vapour

    Thermal Conductivity:

    0.026 W/m·K (insulant thickness < 80 mm)

    0.025 W/m·K (insulant thickness 80 – 119 mm)

    0.024 W/m·K (insulant thickness ≥ 120 mm)

    Upper Facing:
    Bitumen coated glass tissue with a thermofusible polypropylene fleece
    Lower Facing:
    Coated glass tissue
    High performance rigid thermoset polyisocyanurate (PIR) insulant manufactured with a blowing agent that has zero Ozone Depletion Potential (ODP) and low Global Warming Potential (GWP)
    Thickness Available:
    25 – 140 mm
    Full Information:
    Check out the full datasheet available in the Downloads section!

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