REMP Stepway Rubber Stairs Accessories

REMP Stepway Rubber Stairs Accessories


REMP Stepway Stairs Accessories

Produced in rubber flooring tiles, in a wide range of colours, sizes and qualities to meet the functional and aesthetic requirements of designers. Special qualities are available for specific needs such as protection from electrostatic charges; for oil and grease resistance and for particular levels of fire resistance.

Stepway Rubber stair trears:

  • BK-12: Round nosed step covering. Step covering in rolls with low studded rubber stair treads, ribbed nosing and smooth riser
  • BK-SV / BK-SR: Square nosed step covering. One-piece step covering with studded rubber stair treads, smooth nosing and riser
  • Skirting: W 1, WA 060, WAS 1, WAS 1/I, WAS 1/E
  • Rubber profiles for covering sharp-edged steps: TK 1, TK 3
  • Stair profiles: AG 1, AG 2, AG 3, AG 4

Full information available in the Downloads section.

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    • Reduces noise

    • Free from PVC and halogens

    • Non slip floor surface

    • Durable

    • Fire resistant

    • The rubber protects users from electric shock

    BK-SV: 1200x540 | 3600x540 mm | Ø 27 mm BK-SR: 1200x540 | 1600x540 | 2000x540 mm | Ø 27 mm BK-12: 0.52x12 m | Ø 27 mm
    BK-SV: kg/ml 3.50 BK-SR: kg/ml 3.50 BK-12: kg/ml 2.00 / 3.00
    Full Information:
    Check out the full datasheet available in the Downloads section!

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