REMP Studway TM BK

REMP Studway TM BK


Rubber flooring with round studded surface

Produced in rubber flooring tiles, in a wide range of colours, sizes and qualities to meet the functional and aesthetic requirements of designers. Special qualities are available for specific needs such as protection from electrostatic charges; for oil and grease resistance and for particular levels of fire resistance.

Rubber flooring in solid colour with round studded surface and roughened underside for adhesive bonding.

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    • Reduces noise

    • Free from PVC and halogens

    • Non slip floor surface

    • Durable

    • Fire resistant

    • The rubber protects users from electric shock.

    2.7 mm
    88 ± 3
    Abrasion resistance at 5 N load::
    160 mm3
    Dimensional stability::
    ± 0.3%
    Thermal conductivity::
    0.015 m2 K/W
    Improvement in footfall sound absorption::
    8 dB
    Slip resistance::
    Full Information:
    Check out the full datasheet available in the Downloads section!

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