Continuous Insulation with PermaBase Cement Board

PermaBase Cement Board Offers Continuous Insulation


As building codes and building insulation requirements become increasingly stringent, you can count on PermaBase Fibre Cement Board to help meet your substrate needs for Continuous Insulation (CI). CI on the exterior envelope helps to eliminate air and moisture leakage as well as reduce thermal bridging, or the heating/cooling loss transmitted through steel studs. Methods to install the final exterior finish over the exterior insulation are now being refined, including z-furring channels, batten strips and direct fastener applications. Use in all types of construction, including commercial, residential and multi-family.


PermaBase Cement Board Installations1. Insulation    2. eXP Sheathing    3. Sheathing     4. Water/Air Resistive Barrier    5. Rigid Insulation    6. Wood Batten    7. PermaBase Cement Board    8. Reinforcing Mesh    9. Mortar    10. Thin Brick     11. Manufactured Stone

Advantages of Creating Continuous Insulation with PermaBase Cement Board

  • Provides better thermal comfort, lowers heating and cooling costs, reduces likelihood of trapped moisture
  • Helps mitigate the loss of heat/air conditioning by insulating the studs
  • Allows multiple finishes on one substrate
  • Works in all climates – adaptable to varying regional system requirements
  • Guarantees 15-year exterior warranty – the industry’s leading warranty
  • Speeds up your schedule – faster to install than traditional methods

PermaBase Fibre Cement Board for Continuous Insulation

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