Bond It Seal It Roof Edging Sealer

Bond It Seal It Roof Edging Sealer


High Quality Roof Edging Sealer

Seal It Cracks & Roof Edging Sealer is a one coat coat roof seal & the ideal gap-filler due to its non-shrinking attributes. It is applicable to wet surfaces, suitable across cracks and apertures in the roof substrate that is to be covered.
Seal It Cracks & Edging Sealer remains permanently flexible, high modulus & can be applied in all weather conditions.
On top of boasting excellent adhesion, the sealer is odour free and rapid curing.

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  • Non-­shrinking making it ideal for use as a gap­filler

  • High modulus, remains permanently flexible

  • Rapid Curing & No odour

  • Excellent adhesion to most surfaces (even
    moist surfaces)

Curing in 24 hours:
Shrinking time:
Approx 10 minutes
Hardness shore A (DIN 53505):
Temperature resistance:
30oC to +95oC
Application temperature:
+5oC to +40oC
Full Information:
Check out the full datasheet available in the Downloads section!

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