Tarkett iQ Megalit

Tarkett iQ Megalit


iQ Megalit, high design appearance and depth of pattern to enhance any heavy traffic area. iQ Megalit is a totally new look in homogeneous vinyl flooring based on unique technology. The extraordinary pattern depth with pearl effect and contrasting parts in balance give iQ Megalit the liveliness of a natural material and a strong personality that everyone wants to be around.

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    What the experts have to say

    iQ Unique Surface
    Restoration System
    iQ Megalit is one of our iQ fl oorings, which means it has many more advantages than can be seen with the naked eye. We all know that there are numerous vinyl fl oorings on the market, and many of them look similar. But appearances can be deceptive. The differences in performance and properties can be huge. For top performance in every function that a fl oor has to provide, Tarkett’s range of homogeneous high-quality fl oorings is really outstanding.
    • An outstanding design effect

    • Top rated for heavy traffic

    • iQ unique self-regenerating properties

    • Best life cycle costs on the market

    • VOC below quantifiable level and phthalate free

    • 100% recyclable

    Light fastness - Level:
    ≥ 7
    Reaction to fire:
    Electrical behaviour - body voltage - kV:
    < 2
    Thermal resistance - m² K/W:
    Approx. 0.01
    Clean room test:
    Bacteria resistance:
    Does not favour growth
    Total thickness:
    2 mm
    Total weight:
    2.50 Kg/m²
    Full Information:
    Check out the full datasheet available in the Downloads section!

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