Win the New Ireland Euro 2016 Jersey!

For each pallet of Plura R Re-Roof Membrane purchased in May, you have the chance to win the New Ireland Euro 2016 Jersey!

€46.50 per roll

+VAT (pallet price)

*Special offer valid to the end of May 2016

Pluvitec Plura R – The Market-Leading Single Layer Felt!

  • Available in 2 different colours: Standard Black and Brilliant Black ceramic finish, 8m roll
  • 20 year warranty for a one layer system
  • Effective use of 2 different compounds, which makes it a true RE roof product
  • Application compound which melts with less heat
  • Upper face APP compound with High melting point
  • Polyester reinforcement, creating Dimensional stability
  • Reduced application time, UV resistance
  • Reduced Preparation costs and working time


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