Metalseal 20 / SF

Metalseal 20 / SF


Metalseal 20 / SF: A unique, hardened silicone made for metal roofs & cladding

Metalseal SF (solvent-free) is more suited for for brush / roller application and Metalseal 20 is designed for optimum application by airless spray.

Metalseal metal roof coating system from Liquasil is a brand-new, British innovation in silicone technology that out-performs other coatings in several key areas.

This is the first, full metal roof coating system to be made from a specially formulated polymer to provide a hardened finish that actively repels water, resists environmental dirt pick-up and prevents the build up of unsightly moss and lichen growth.

If you are involved in specifying metal roof coatings as a building surveyor or architect, it’s time to consider a cost effective alternative to the usual cladding paints that have traditionally been used to date.

Metalseal is designed by Chartered Building Surveyors to provide you with not only a decorative finish, but also a protective finish that will ensure your clients’ buildings will stay looking good for longer, yet will often cost no more than a cladding paint!

Laydex have been appointed the exclusive agents for Ireland for the only BBA certified asbestos roof system in the world. Please get in touch for any further information on this game-changing system.

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  • Economical – mostly applied in a single coat

  • Easier Preparation – our corrosion treatment is applied directly to red rust (angle grinders not required!)

  • Fast Application – the airless spray version can be installed at the rate of 2-400 sq metres per day

  • Remains flexible from -60°c to +200°c

  • Can be installed (and cured) at lower temperatures (-5°c)

  • Unique, hardened silicone technology – made for metal roofs

Permanent system for external refurbishment of metal profile roof systems
Volume Solids:
Recommended Film Thickness:
DFT @300um = 3m² per litre DFT @ 250um = 3.5m² per litre
Drying Time:
Rain free in 1 to 2 hours. Thoroughly dry in 8 hours
Full Information:
Check out the full datasheet available in the Downloads section!

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