Nullifire FS711 Spray Grade Acrylic Sealant

Nullifire FS711 Spray Grade Acrylic Sealant


FS711 is a single component, water based sprayable acrylic sealant. FS711 is designed to be used in conjunction with a suitable density mineral fibre board. It is also used for painting around a masked off service opening to provide an aesthetic finish.

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    What the experts have to say

    Fire Resistance
    FS711 Preparations
    Clean all surfaces of loose particles, moisture, oils, grease and corrosive materials. Ensure the substrate is compatible with FS711. Ensure that any damage to the substrate has been repaired & reprimed, site and weather conditions are within specification. If required, check that correct spray equipment is available, functioning and free from contaminants or dried material. Surface or substrate temperature should be 5°C or above at the time of application.
    • Suitable for use in conjunction with FB747 Coated Batts

    • Easily paintable

    • Suitable for spray or brush application

    • Tested in accordance with EN1366 Pt 3 and 4 up to 4 hours Classification EN 13501:2007

    • Resistant to mould, fungus and vermin attack

    EN 13501:2007, CE ETAG 026
    Fire Resistance:
    Up to 4 hours
    Touch Dry:
    30 minutes at 20°C
    Cured Time:
    20 days at 20°C
    Assumed working life:
    10 years (ETAG 026)
    Up to 38 dB
    10 kg and 20 kg pails
    Store between +5°C and +30°C in dry conditions.
    Shelf Life:
    6 months when stored as recommended. Shelf life will be reduced if stored at temperatures above 25°C.
    Full Information:
    Check out the full datasheet available in the Downloads section!

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