Nullifire FB760 Seal Bags

Nullifire FB760 Seal Bags


FB760 is a composite material, encased within a durable, woven glass fibre bag. FB760 is dry installed to provide a temporary or permanent fire resistant barrier around multiple service penetrations. In the event of a fire FB760 prevents the passage of fire and smoke by closing off the aperture within the compartment floor or wall when penetrated by building services.

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    What the experts have to say

    Fire Resistance
    FB760 Suitability
    FB760 is suitable for the following service penetrations: metallic and plastic pipes, cable trays, cable ladders, single and bunched cables. Typical areas of use include health and leisure facilities, schools, universities, retail stores and industrial buildings.
    • Suitable for use in floor and wall penetrations

    • Sound insulation: RW33

    • Quick and easy to install - no fixings or special tools required - can be installed from one side

    • Certified to EN 1366-3 and Classified EN 13501-2

    • Air seal to EN 1314-1

    • Suitable for temporary or permanent application - Easily re-penetrated

    Fire Resistance:
    Up to 2 hours fire resistance
    EN 13501-2, CE ETAG-026
    Air Permeability:
    600 Pa
    up to 33 dB
    Air seal:
    EN 1314-1
    Assumed working life:
    10 years
    Weight / Size (mm)
    25 bags/Box:
    385g / 330 x 220 x 45
    50 bags/Box:
    185g / 330 x 220 x 25
    50 bags/Box:
    50g / 330 x 220 x 45
    Full Information:
    Check out the full datasheet available in the Downloads section!

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