Nullifire SC901 Fast Track Off-Site Intumescent Coating

Nullifire SC901 Fast Track Off-Site Intumescent Coating


SC901 is a low VOC, one coat, high build system, based on patented technology. It provides a fast cure effective structural fire performance, for steelwork, up to a 120 minute fire rating.

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    Nullifire SC901
    Early Durability
    SC901 is touch dry within 1 hour and fully cured within 2 hours. With best in class early durability the coating is weather resistant in 1 hour. Good resistance to running and pooling water avoids damage to the freshly completed coating eliminating costly re-coating. Resists weathering for 6 months without top seal. The application of an approved top seal completes long term durability.
    • Fast cure, touch dry in 1 hour and the ability to handle and transport within 1 day

    • Early weather resistance, shower proof within 1 hour

    • Self-priming system tolerant of light rusting to steel, up to 2 weeks post blasting

    • High build potential with all fire ratings possible in one application

    • Fire rating up to 120 minutes tested to UK and EN Standards

    • Designed for off-site use

    BS476: Part 20/21; EN13381: Part 8; EN13823 (SBI); Cellular beams to EN13381: Part 9 and ASFP; Certifire Approved
    Building Classification:
    C1, C2 and C3 buildings
    Fire Performance:
    30 to 120 minutes
    Specific Gravity:
    1.49 (mixed)
    Touch Dry:
    Touch dry in 1 hour
    Cure Time:
    Cured in 2 hours
    Container Size:
    25 kg or 200 litres Part A 45 kg Part B
    Pot Life:
    Greater than 15 minutes
    Full Information:
    Check out the full datasheet available in the Downloads section!

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