Illbruck FM330 Pro Foam Air Seal

Illbruck FM330 Pro Foam Air Seal


FM330 Pro Foam Air Seal is a rapid curing, highly elastic gun grade polyurethane foam and is ideal for use as an air tight gap filler for general construction joints.

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    Illbruck FM330
    FM330 is suitable for applications such as sealing wall to ceiling joints and pipe & service penetrations. The movement accommodation factor (MAF) of 35% ensures that the integrity of the seal is maintained in the event of movement and settlement.
    • Airtight formulation - tested to ISO 6589

    • Acoustic dampening - up to 60 dB joint insulation index

    • Sub-zero formulation - can still be used at temperatures as low as -3°C

    • Elastic performance - up to 35% movement accommodation ensures integrity of the seal in the event of movement

    • A high performance PU foam with excellent acoustic and airtight performance

    Water Absorption:
    0.2 kg/m2
    15 - 25 kg/m3
    Tack Free Time:
    10 minutes
    Cutting Time:
    45 minutes
    Compressive Strength (10%):
    11 kPa
    Elongation at Break:
    Thermal Conductivity:
    36 mW/m.K
    Maximum Acoustic Rating:
    60 dB
    Maximum Allowable Deformation:
    Full Information:
    Check out the full datasheet available in the Downloads section!

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