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  • Illbruck OT301 Endurance Adhesive

    Illbruck OT301 Endurance Adhesive


    OT301 is an endurance adhesive used for creating airtight joints between Illbruck vapour barrier and structural elements, airtightness membranes, wall lining membranes of all kinds and for bonding wind-tight joints between sub-roof and roof-lining membranes. A permanent bond is achieved on all illbruck membranes, PE, PA, PP and aluminium foil used to create an airtight seal.

    What the experts have to say

    Internal & External Walls
    Application: Surfaces must be dry and free of oil, grease, dust and other anti-adhesive components. Mineral substrates (such as plaster or concrete), may be slightly damp. Bonding to frozen surfaces is not possible. Substrates must offer sufficient load-bearing capacity. It may be necessary to use a mechanical support (pressure lath) for example on crumbling substrates.

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