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  • Illbruck FM230 Pro Foam Window

    FM230, moisture curing, polyurethane, expanding foam, suited for thermal and sound insulation, window, door frames


    FM230 Pro Foam Window provides sound insulation around window and door frames FM230 Pro Foam Window is a one part, moisture curing polyurethane expanding foam which is gun applied and is particularly suited for thermal and sound insulation around window and door frames. It has MPA tested elasticity and ‘winter foam’ guarantee in application temperatures as low as 0°C.

    What the experts have to say

    Illbruck FM230
    Illbruck FM230 is suitable for cavity filling, insulating and bonding. It has excellent adhesion to brick, block, stone, plaster and cementitious materials as well as wood, metal and a variety of plastics. Achievable sound insulation index of 60 dB in the joint.
  • Illbruck FM330 Pro Foam Air Seal

    Illbruck FM330 Pro Foam Airseal


    FM330 Pro Foam Air Seal is a rapid curing, highly elastic gun grade polyurethane foam and is ideal for use as an air tight gap filler for general construction joints.

    What the experts have to say

    Illbruck FM330
    FM330 is suitable for applications such as sealing wall to ceiling joints and pipe & service penetrations. The movement accommodation factor (MAF) of 35% ensures that the integrity of the seal is maintained in the event of movement and settlement.

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