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If you think all roof coatings and roof coating manufacturers are the same, call us and see what makes Liquasil stand out from the crowd.

Liquasil Ltd, a British manufacturer of advanced polymer roof coatings, designed by Chartered Building Surveyors and formulated by our own highly experienced paint & polymer chemists, to solve the problems associated with many types of roof systems on commercial and industrial buildings.



Cold Applied → No need for hot works.

Low Solvent or Solvent-Free → Can be applied where other coatings can’t go!

Single Pack Silicones → No mixing or messing. Just open, stir and apply.

UV Stable → Unaffected by direct sunlight.

Up to 1400% Elasticity → Remains highly flexible from -60ºc to +200ºc.

Single Coat Application → Single coat application saves time & labour.

Unique Guarantee → Latent Defects Full Insurance Guarantee as standard on most installations.

Resists Fungal Growth → Unsightly moss and lichen growth eliminated.

Any RAL Colour → Say goodbye to grey – we can make ANY colour.

Apply All Year Round → Cures at lower temperatures than other coatings.

No Fleece Required → Apply from the can without awkward fleeces.

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Metal Roof Coating


About Metalseal Metal Roof Coating

This is the first, full metal roof coating and cladding system to be made from a specially formulated silicone polymer to provide a hardened finish that actively repels water, resists environmental dirt pick-up and prevents the build up of unsightly moss and lichen growth.

Metalseal can also be used in conjunction with our unique cut edge corrosion primers to ensure that cut edge corrosion does not affect the Metalseal installation for the duration of the guarantee.

A metal roof coating offers an economical and effective way of roof refurbishment and due to the nature of our guarantee, Metalseal actually adds value for building owners.

Ease of application is key to all Liquasil systems.

Metalseal can be installed by airless spray, roller or brush, usually in a single coat, so is suitable for use on smaller and the largest metal roofs.

Uniquely for a silicone coating system, Metalseal is available in any RAL colour, subject to a minimum roof size of just 300 sq metres at no extra cost.



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