Liquid Rubber HB S-200 Sealant


Liquid Rubber HBS200 is a universal sealant

Liquid Rubber can be used for waterproofing, air barrier and protection against corrosion. The coating adheres to most surfaces, including concrete, stone, metal, bitumen, EPDM, wood, PVC and zinc. Liquid Rubber has resistance against all weather conditions, UV and chemicals, ensure that the product is highly durable.

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HB S-200
HBS200 is an easy applied single component product. The liquid coating can be applied by means of a brush, roller, trowel or airless spray system. For the quick seal, Liquid Rubber HBS200 is the right product to use!
  • Effective for waterproofing and protection against corrosion

  • High elasticity (up to 900 %!)

  • Resistant against large temperature fluctuations (-40 °C to +160 °C)

  • Environmentally friendly and contains no VOC’s or other toxics

  • Waterproof, vapour-tight, air barrier and gastight

  • Strong, seamless and fully adherent to the surface

  • Sustainable

  • UV- and acid-resistant

Cured membrane
Specific gravity (liquid) g/cm3:
Approx. 1.0
Impact resistance:
Passed (168)
Water tightness:
Zero leakage
Tensile strength:
Elongation, %:
Adhesion to concrete:
50 Type A
Water Vapour Transmissions:
10 - 12
Full Information:
Check out the full datasheet available in the Downloads section!

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