Resuseal WB – 2 Part Floor & Wall Coating Water Based


Resuseal WB epoxy resin floor and wall coatings are two-part, water-based, durable, seamless finishes, which are primarily designed for general application in all areas of industry where a hard wearing coating is required. Applications include warehouses and production units, food preparation areas, laboratory-clean room environments, and any areas of maximum hygiene, such as operating theatres and breweries.

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Campden BRI

Resuseal WB (all grades) is ideal for use in the food industry E.g. dairies, breweries and bakeries where solvent based products are prohibited. Resuseal WB has been approved by Campden BRI.

  • Low-odour

  • Fast (overnight) curing

  • Apply to concrete, wood, asphalt etc.

  • Apply to metal in-conjunction with a compatible primer

  • Slip resistant finish (when combined with an aggregate)

  • Resistant to most fuels & lubricants

  • Hard-wearing

  • Satin or gloss finish

  • Available in a range of colours

  • Non-Dusting

  • Superior colour stability

  • Superior curing at low temperature

  • Freeze-thaw stability

Slip Resistance:
Dry > 60
Temperature Resistance:
Tolerant of sustained temperatures of up to 60°C
Life Expectancy:
2-3 years plus Subjected to Industrial Traffic
System thickness (dry):
45 microns to 70 microns (Per coat)
Pack sizes:
5 kg. & 10 kg.
Pack make up:
1 X Base 1 X Hardener
Shelf life:
12 Months (Base & Hardener)
Coverage rate:
5 kg. will cover 40 m2 @ 45 microns thickness
Pot life:
Up to 1.5 hours from mixing
Full Information:
Check out the full datasheet available in the Downloads section!

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