MORTEX Mineral Skin

MORTEX Mineral Skin


Mortex : colored mineral covering with a ‘waxed concrete’ look!

With its technical and aesthetics properties, Mortex, thin and colorful, is suitable for your new construction or renovation projects!

This mineral micro-mortar, composed among others of natural lime, was developed by the company Beal 25 years ago to make a real technical progress in the market of coatings. Waterproof in its mass, Mortex has evolved towards more aesthetics and creativity, thanks to the infinite play of colors and possible effects.
Sensual material, Mortex follows all forms and offers a continous ‘polished concrete’ look to your realizations, both horizontal and vertical, indoor and outdoor.

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The realization of a Mortex sample for your project will allow you to visualize the real rendering and confirm your choice before starting the work. Convinced? Learn more about our MORTEX TRAININGS or ask about an applicator.
  • Wide range of options: From floor to the walls, inside and outside, for your furniture or decoration

  • Adhesion, flexibility, thinness: Can be used to cover tiles, MDF, cement,…

  • Continuous and infinitely customizable coating: Provides a seamless and infinitely customizable result

  • Impermeable and hard-wearing: A very advantageous lifespan

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