Tyvek® FireCurb Fire Retardant Housewrap

Tyvek® FireCurb Fire Retardant Housewrap


A Energy-efficient Fire Retardant Membrane

DuPont™ Tyvek® FireCurb™ Housewrap is a fire retardant membrane for commercial and residential buildings that uses new, patented technology.

DuPont™ Tyvek® FireCurb™ Housewrap is a lightweight, advanced, fire retardant membrane that self-extinguishes when ignited. It uses a halogen-free flame retardant coating to reduce the formation of droplets and smoke with minimal environmental impact.

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  • Self-extinguishes when ignited

  • Forms no droplets when fire starts and limits the propagation of flames

  • Reduces smoke

  • Includes the same product benefits as the existing Tyvek® product range with the addition of flame retardancy

  • Low flammability with very limited contribution to fire

  • Up to Euroclass B (free-hanging) classification, which nearly no other membrane can reach

  • Made with halogen-free flame retardant coating for limited impact on the environment

  • Long-term investment protection

  • Greater safety during and after installation

  • CE Marking

Style Name:
Roll size:
1.5 x 50m
Roll weight:
Flash-spun-bond HDPE with flame retardant coating
Reaction to fire:
according to EN 13501-1 (on mineral wool and free-hanging) B-s1,d0
Temperature resistance:
–40°C to +100°C
Water vapour transmission (Sd):
Mass per unit area:
Functional layer thickness:
Full Information:
Check out the full datasheet available in the Downloads section!

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