Improving Your Garage from the Floor Up

It’s easy to overlook the garage floor. But if you want to make good use that often-underused space, start with the floor.


Did you know you had options beyond the standard concrete garage floor? It isn’t something most people think much about. But those concrete floors are subtly creating problems. Dust is one. Concrete tends to be dusty, and walking across it creates dust. If you spend any time in your garage, you’ll discover that concrete is not a good surface to stand on for long. That can be an annoyance at home, but it’s a serious problem in work environments where people are required to be on their feet all day. Concrete can also be penetrated by moisture, not a selling point in Ireland.

You can improve your garage floor without the effort and expense of installing a whole new floor. Instead, you can apply an epoxy resin coating such as RSL Resucoat HB. This solvent-free, heavy-duty epoxy floor coating is suitable for domestic garages, workshops, warehouses, retail shops, craft studios and a variety of commercial premises. RSL Resucoat HB offers a range of advantages in both domestic and commercial applications. It solves several floor problems while also improving the look of the floor with a glossy, stylish colour.

Benefits of Epoxy Resin for Garage Floors

Applying an epoxy resin to the garage floor will end the dust problem. Although it is only a thin layer, it does provide some measure of relief from the extreme hardness of concrete. That makes it easier on the body when you are standing on it for long periods. It also means that items dropped on the garage floor such as tools suffer less impact. For families with children who enjoy bikes, that matters! Bikes being banged off a concrete floor will suffer more wear and tear than those that are dropped down on a resin-coated garage floor. It is much easier to keep a floor with a RSL Resucoat HB finish is also easier to clean than concrete. In a residential setting, garages often see muddy children and pets as well as messy projects. Having an easy to clean floor helps keep those from becoming stressful issues. RSL Resucoat HB gives garage floors a high-gloss finish that is easy to keep bacteria-free.

RSL Resucoat HB can be applied in one finish, and ventilation for solvent evaporation is not essential. Available in a range of 12 colours, it provides excellent colour stability. Additionally, there is no shrinkage on curing. It’s a simple solution to the problem of dusty concrete garage floors. If your garage sees a lot of foot traffic as the family passes through it, the appeal of this is obvious. And it is also a great solution is you want to take better advantage of the space in your garage for storage or doing projects.

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