Food and Beverage Industry: 5 Reasons to Choose Resin Flooring

In recent years, resin flooring has been recognised as the product of choice within the food and beverage industry. Within this sector, choosing the correct flooring is vital as it ensures a safe, sanitary environment which meets safety requirements. Some organisations still rely on tiles and vinyl sheet floors which are often unable to cope with the harsh demands of this environment, including industrial cleaning solvents and physical punishment, meaning the lifespan of these products can be limited.


From food manufacturing to breweries, resin flooring is the perfect choice for the food and beverage industry. Here are 5 reasons why you should choose it for your business.



Resin Flooring Food Beverage Industry 1. Maintain a High Standard of Hygiene

Within any food production facility, hygiene and cleanliness is paramount. While all industrial environments should be clean and safe, it is crucial that any areas where food is prepared has an extremely high level of hygiene. Resin flooring ensures a safe, hygienic environment for any food or beverage product as its’ monolithic structure will prevent any substances getting trapped within the surface. Additionally, spills stay on the surface, making it easier to clean and ensuring no contamination, while the antimicrobial properties offer excellent protection against bacteria.

 Resin Flooring Food Beverage Facility2. Creates a Safer Working Environment

In food and beverage environments, it is not unusual for fluids, oils or powders such as sugar or flour to fall onto the ground, causing the floor to become slippery. One of the benefits of Sherwin-Williams resin flooring is that it makes any area slip-resistant and safe for those walking through the building.

 Resin Floor Bakery Sherwin Williams3. Chemical and Thermal  Resistant

Another benefit of Sherwin-Williams resin flooring is that it is resistant to harsh chemicals and high temperatures. Resin flooring has been designed in a way that allows it to withstand such extreme conditions, this includes its thickness, resin composition and chemical reactivity. Its resistance to high temperatures makes it the perfect addition to any food or beverage production facility which may have high heat environments, such as bakeries, whose ovens operate at approximately 120 degrees most of the time.  When installed and specified correctly, it can also provide resistance to corrosive materials, organic acids and solvents.

Resin Floor Sherwin Williams4. Extremely Durable

Within any food and drink production facility, it is vital to install quality flooring that can withstand extreme conditions and maintain a high-quality appearance. Many substances and products used within food production have the potential to corrode and contaminate any surfaces. These may include fats, hot oils, sugars and food acids such as citric and lactic acids – all of which can erode surfaces including grouting in tiles or joins in vinyl floors which can harbour the growth of bacteria and put the business at risk of poor hygiene. Additionally, installing a durable floor such as resin flooring will result in less damage and fewer repairs over its lifespan.


Resin Floor Food Facility Sherwin5.Can Withstand Aggressive Cleaning

Finally, resin flooring can also endure the aggressive cleaning regimes which take place within food and beverage production facilities. The floor provides an impermeable barrier that allows it to be cleaned efficiently and prevents staining from pressure washing. With routine cleaning and maintenance, the look and performance of the finished resin will remain high-quality over a prolonged period of time.







Food and Beverage Expo Dublin - Sherwin-Williams High performance Resin Floor

With so many benefits, it is clear to see why high-performance resin flooring should be your top choice when choosing a floor for your food and beverage business. Join us at the National Food & Drink Business Conference and Exhibition as we exhibit the Sherwin-Williams High Performance Flooring. Contact us today to find out more information about our products or register your interest for meeting us at the exhibition.

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