When Is Epoxy Resin the Best Floor Surface?

The purpose and use of a space are what determines the best floor surface for that space. The needs of a restaurant, office and home are all different. While a hardwood or tile floor is gorgeous in a home, neither surface would work well for a mechanic, hospital or industrial kitchen. Some purposes demand a floor surface that is slip resistant, durable, and tolerant of impact and chemicals. Epoxy resin has become very popular for such floors.

What is Epoxy Resin?

“Epoxy resin” is a broad term that includes a range of thermosetting polymer resins made with per-polymers and polymers of petroleum and/ or plant derivatives. Different epoxy resins have different purposes. They are used in floors, pipes, airplane parts, boats, skis, snowboards, skateboards, bicycles, hockey sticks and wind turbine blades, among other things. They excel as floor surfaces, coatings and adhesives.

epoxy-resin-industrialepoxy resin is slip-resistantepoxy resin floor is impact and chemical resistant

What sets epoxy resins apart from other materials is the combination of five key benefits they offer

  1. Low odour and solvent free: Epoxy resin floors can be installed in areas without the ventilation required for some other flooring options.
  2. Easy to clean: In high traffic areas that need to look good, such as hospitals and restaurants, it is important to have a floor that can be cleaned quickly and frequently.
  3. Chemical resistant: Industrial settings can experience chemical spills and demand floorings that won’t react or be easily damaged.
  4. Impact tolerant: High traffic areas and industrial setting with machinery in use need floors that can withstand impact.
  5. Slip-resistant: Food production areas and hospitals are just two settings where slip resistance is critical for safety because of frequent spills.

What Settings Benefit from Epoxy Resin Floor Surfaces?

Epoxy resin floors are a wise choice for a huge range of settings. Hospitals see a high volume of people including those who are unsteady on their feet and people moving quickly in emergencies. The slip resistance of epoxy floor is an enormous benefit here.

Hospital floors also require frequent cleaning. Because hospital patients are already experiencing health issues, the low odour, solvent free aspect of epoxy floors makes them ideal. Epoxy resin floors can also offer resistance to fungal growth, which is a benefit to hospitals and changing rooms in gyms and pools.

Industrial settings such as factories, garages and pharmaceutical plants can see a lot of impact from machinery as well as chemical spills. Epoxy resin floors can tolerate both well. Industrial food prep areas including restaurant kitchens, commercial food producers and processing plants are places where people are moving quickly and spills happen. Slip resistance is important here, and an epoxy resin floor provides that without the risk of food products being affected by fumes.

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