3 Ways to Soundproof Your Apartment

How to Reduce the Noise in Your Room and Apartment

How can apartment-dwellers turn their homes into peaceful, private sanctuaries?In the suburbs, they say good walls make good neighbours. Most of us appreciate having kind, friendly neighbours who don’t intrude. Our homes should be where we can retreat to relax, uninterrupted by the noise of neighbours. But what about high-density urban areas? How can apartment-dwellers turn their homes into peaceful, private sanctuaries? Often we accept the idea that city living, particularly apartment living, means trading peace and quiet for convenience and easy access to work and nightlife.

The good news is that isn’t true. Apartment owners can make some simple modifications that reduce the noise they hear.

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Noise enters apartments from four points: the ceiling, the floor, the door and the windows. When we think of noise in an apartment we tend to think of upstairs neighbours stomping and dancing around, but because we all so aware of that issue, most neighbours try to be courteous. So the other three areas get overlooked, but insulating the floor, doors and windows can seal out a lot of noise, creating a peaceful, tranquil home.

Floor, Door and Window Sound Insulation

Voices, music and traffic can drift into apartments from neighbouring units, hallways and the street. Even in a city centre, your apartment home can be a refuge from the hustle and bustle outside when you insulate these three key points.

  1.       Floors: Picking an underfloor sound insulation that works with different floor coverings means you are free to update the look of your apartment without having to revisit the insulation. Damtec makes a range of floor insulation that efficiently reduces noise while offering excellent load-bearing capacity. Damtec Standard Universal Impact Sound Insulation Under Floor Covering can be used with laminate, parquet, ceramic tiles, carpet, linoleum and PVC tiles. It’s also durable,  environmentally responsible and easy to install.
  2.       Doors: Insulating the exterior doors of a house can keep the cold out, and the same materials can be used to insulate the front door of an apartment to keep the noise out. Affixing weather stripping to the inside and outside of the front door can reduce noise, as can insulation strips around the lock. Door curtains are the finishing touch to enhance both the décor and the tranquillity of your home.
  3.    Windows: Double and triple glazing mean today’s windows block out far more cold and noise than older windows. But there is more than can be done to keep street noise out of your apartment. While ordinary, heavy, lined curtains help a bit, you can also get soundproof curtains. They are heavy, but effective.

The ceiling is not a lost cause. Hanging textiles, even lightweight ones, can reduce any echo in your apartment. It can also create a distinct mood, whimsical or cosy depending on the textiles you choose. Bookcases and similar units can provide some sound insulation for walls. Even in the apartment with traffic that includes kids playing, walking in the high heels or simply loud speaking, you can take steps to soundproof your apartment with products such as Damtec’s soundproofing floor underlay.

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