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3rd July 2019

Breather Membranes     Corotop Breathable Membranes form the water impermeable layer under the roof coverings in a pitched roof system. They can be used on open rafter (unsupported) or fully supported pitched roofs. The function of the underlay is...

Corotop® Breather Membranes More Than Resistance
11th December 2018

COROTOP® BREATHER MEMBRANES MORE THAN RESISTANCE! Corotop® is a brand of modern roofing systems providing the durability of the roof for many years. Production of the Corotop® membranes is technologically advanced process performed according to the highest European standards. Decades...

Corotop® Roof Underlay – Breather Membranes for Pitched Roofs
25th July 2017

COROTOP® BREATHER MEMBRANES OFFER MORE THAN RESISTANCE! Flexible three-layer polypropylene sheet materials for use as roof tile underlays For use in cold ventilated or non-ventilated roofs, or in warm non-ventilated roofs BS 5534 / IS 2002 NSAI Cert. No. 11/0367...

Roofing Underlays: Choosing between Breather and Non-Breather Felts
17th September 2020

In any kind of building, damp is a problem you want to avoid. From the walls to the roof, whenever external moisture is able to make its way through it can lead to anything from unsightly patches and mould or...

Quality Breather Membranes Matter
24th July 2017

In the wet Irish climate, damp is a serious problem for homeowners. Damage from the elements can creep in and become a serious nightmare. The best defence is to build (and renovate) with that in mind. That’s where breather members...

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